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Persian Almonds

Persian winter Almonds originate from the Zagros mountains. These almonds have a very special taste and nutritious properties – making them the world's second most exported nut. With its extensive knowledge in the dried fruit and nuts industry, Namdar grows its sweet and bitter almonds with the assistance of its world-class technology and experienced agricultural engineers.


With its delightful taste, Persian hazelnuts are known to have a hint of sweetness, making every bite enjoyable. These nuts are found in mountainous areas and its peculiar shape and delicious taste definitely makes an impression in a global stance. At Namdar, we rely on the latest types of technologies in planting and harvesting this nut to ensure that our high quality Persian hazelnuts are being exported to our clients all around the world.


Persian peanuts are cultivated from the rich soil of Iran, enticing people with its delicious, nutty flavor. Namdar plants and harvests its peanuts using agricultural specialists, bringing these little nutty surprises our happy customers. Namdar uses its modern agricultural facilities to produce a high quality peanuts, and subsequently exporting them to its global clientele.


Famously known for its delicious and meaty interior, the Persian Pistachios definitely have a well-known reputation in the world. This nut is considered to be the first and most important agricultural export commodity in Iran, making Iran the world's largest supplier of pistachios. Here at Namdar, we have succeeded in producing the best types of pistachios, in which we subsequently export them to all over the world – by use of new innovations of the agriculture industry as well as experienced farmers.


Wrapped in its own hard, brain-looking like exterior, the Persian walnut is considered to be the healthiest nut one can consume. Their delicious taste and many health benefits are the reasons why this nut is fancied by many. Due to its popularity and high demand, Namdar produces high quality Persian walnuts and ship them internationally to its clients.