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Known for its delectable taste, sweet aroma and different varieties, the Persian Apple has long been popular among fans in numerous parts of the world. Hence, Namdar produces and exports its Persian apples to its clients all around the world, with the help of the best and most skilled agricultural experts.

Persian Kiwifruits

Grown within the Gilan Forests of the North of Iran, the kiwifruit is known for its signature fuzzy peel, green flesh with a creamy white center, and black seeds. This delicious fruit is not only juicy and sweet, it is also a nutrient-densed food and is an essential staple to the Iranian diet.


Not only is the Persian Orange amazingly juicy and delicious, it is also rich in vitamins – definitely tempting everyone to taste it. Here at Namdar, we bring the best variety of oranges from our gardens, using the best water and soil quality and employing the most experienced farmers to produce the best Persian oranges we have to offer.


Famously known for its ruby-like seeds, the Persian pomegranate has a global reputation for being the best pomegranate compared to pomegranates from other countries. In its vast gardens throughout Iran, Namdar has been growing its pomegranates with modern agricultural practices and shipping them to other parts of the world. We use the best packaging and transportation facilities to export our pomegranates, which comes in different grades and sizes.

Persian Seasonal Fruits

The land of Iran is blessed with four seasons, producing delicious seasonal fruits of all kinds. The colors and flavors of these fruits are amazing, and exporting these seasonal fruits definitely shows the world what Iran is all about. Thus, Namdar cultivates and produces these seasonal fruits from our own farms, ensuring that our fruits are filled with excellent flavors when we deliver them to our happy customers.


With its special taste and aromatic skin, the Persian Sour Lemon is an integral part in any fruit basket. This fruit belongs to the citrus family, and is popular due to the its rich vitamin content. Namdar is proud to use its experts and farmers to produce its lemons with exceptional tastes in various sizes for their customers all around the world.