Persian Freeze-Dried (Seasonal) Fruits

The four seasons in Iran definitely limit our chances to taste all the various fruits that Iran has to offer. Luckily enough, Namdar has made it possible for customers to experience these Persian fruits of all seasons through their naturally preserving methods. Namdar uses the fruits produced straight from its gardens, and naturally preserve the seasonal fruits by drying them using traditional as well as High-Tech methods. Therefore, our clients can readily appreciate all the Persian fruits of every season –anytime!


Consuming Persian Freeze-Dried (Seasonal) Fruits

Though these fruits have been freeze dried, the flavor and nutrients of the fruits still contained. Despite the differences in seasons, these fruits can still be widely enjoyed while obtaining amazing health and beauty benefits. 


Benefits of Persian Freeze-Dried (Seasonal) Fruits

Similarly to consuming fresh fruits, these freeze-dried fruits are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants – preventing severe and painful diseases which is on the rise in the world these days. 


The Details of Namdar's Persian Freeze-Dried (Seasonal) Fruits Export

Types of Traditionally Dried Fruits

 Apple – Peach – Apricot – Chili – Fig – Kiwi – Banana – Mango – Sour Cherry – Persimmon – Plum – Pear – Sour Lemon – Orange – Berry

Types of Freeze-Dried Fruits

Strawberry – Mango – Apple – Peach – Apricot

Types of Packaging

Special Export Box – Major Export Box

Weight of Freeze/Dried Fruits per Special Export Box

100 GRs to 500 GRs

Weight of Freeze/Dried Fruits per Major Export Box

3 KGs to 5 KGs


This product is available for order all year round.