Persian Dried Herbs

What is Persian food without its myriad flavours? Just a handful of Persian Herbs are enough to transform a dish into something extraordinary. Fresh Persian Herbs are, no doubt, most sought after for their distinctive flavours, but their dried versions too serve the purpose, adding flavours and aromas when the fresh ones are not readily available. To satisfy the demands for Persian Herbs, Namdar dehydrates its freshly harvested herbs and export them to its international clientele.


Consuming Persian Dried Herbs

Due to its intense flavor and aroma, these dried herbs are used in many ways within the food industry. One of the more popular ways is to add herbs into oil -adding more flavor, aroma and an enjoyable taste to a dish. The uses of herbs in food can be very versatile, as they can be also be used to flavour butter, tea, sweets and more. 


Benefits of Persian Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are found from seeds, leaves, roots, barks, fruits and flowers. The advantage of dried herbs is that you can preserve them for a longer time. A dried herb has antiviral and antibacterial properties –  many of which have vitamin B and minerals and are more efficient to fight against diseases.


The Details of Namdar's Persian Dried Herbs Export

Types of Freeze-Dried Vegetables & Herbs

Mint – Basil – Parsley – Tarragon – Mushroom – Corn – Green Peas – Tomato

Type of Packaging

Special Export Box – Major Export Box

Weight of Freeze-Dried Vegetables per Special Box

500 GRs to 1 KGs

Weight of Freeze-Dried Vegetables per Major Box


2 KGs to 5 KGs


This product is available for order all year round.