Persian Almonds

Persian winter Almonds originate from the Zagros mountains. These almonds have a very special taste and nutritious properties – making them the world's second most exported nut. With its extensive knowledge in the dried fruit and nuts industry, Namdar grows its sweet and bitter almonds with the assistance of its world-class technology and experienced agricultural engineers.


Consuming Persian Almonds

Persian Almonds have an significant place within the food industry. One of the many reasons why would be that almond seeds are used to make highly nutritious edible oils. Not only that, these nuts are also used to naturally treat illnesses as the skins of almonds are often utilized in traditional medicine. Moreover, the very popular Almond Milk, which is made from crude Almonds, is known as a low calorie but highly nourishing vegan substitute for milk. With its undoubtedly delicious flavors, almonds are also used in producing confectioneries, sweets as well as cakes.


Benefits of Persian Almonds

Consuming Almonds regularly can help boost one’s memory as well as help regulate one’s sugar & cholesterol levels, blood pressure, as well as assist in weight lost. However, excessive consumption of almonds can cause gastrointestinal poisoning. 


The Details of Namdar's Persian Almonds Export

With Husks, Without Husks, Granules


Types of Almonds

V.I.P Grade – Grade A – Grade B


Grades of Almonds

Special Vacuum Export Box – Major Vacuum Export Box

Types of Packaging


Weight of Almonds per Special Vacuum Export Box


Weight of Almonds per Major Vacuum  Export Box

This product is available for order all year round.