Wrapped in its own hard, brain-looking like exterior, the Persian walnut is considered to be the healthiest nut one can consume. Their delicious taste and many health benefits are the reasons why this nut is fancied by many. Due to its popularity and high demand, Namdar produces high quality Persian walnuts and ship them internationally to its clients.



Due to its health benefits, walnuts are often used to make oils or butter, which acts as a substitute to regular oils. Walnuts are also used in preparing many Persian dishes because of their rich and earthy taste. They are highly used within the confectionery industry as demands for walnut flavored desserts, cakes, and sweets are high. 




Walnuts are considered as a ‘brain food’. This is not just because of how similar it looks to a brain, but is due to the omega-3s vitamins that the walnut has. These vitamins are essential to the development as well as the strengthening of a human brain. Adding a few walnuts to your daily diet can reduce the risk of heart diseases,  as well as preventing breast and prostate cancer. The walnut is also known as a natural purifier for blood in traditional medicine, and provides excellent hydration to the skin and hair. On the other hand, it should be noted that excessive consumption of walnuts may cause tonsillitis and mouth ulcers.



The Details of Namdar's PERSIAN WALNUTS Export

Types of Walnuts

With husks – Without husks - Granules

Grade of Walnuts

V.I.P Grade  Grade A  Grade B

Types of Packaging

Special Vacuum Export Box – Major Vacuum Export Box

Weight of Walnuts per Special Vacuum Export Box

5 kg

Weight of Walnuts per Major Vacuum Export Box

10 kg


This product is available for order all year round.