Persian Saffron is one of the most expensive and luxurious spice available in the market. It is the fundamental ingredient to all Persian dish. This spice is known for its bright red color and phenomenal flavor, invigorating everybody's appetite. Persian Saffron is highly in demand, therefore making Iran is the biggest saffron producer in the world. With the help of our skilled experts, Namdar exports this luxurious product to customers all over the world. Our saffron is 100 per cent organic and they are all handled in a sanitary environment, ensuring the finest quality of our saffron is given to our customers.



Persian saffron is not a spice one would eat raw, as they do not have a pleasant taste. To bring out the exclusive aroma of the Persian Saffron, heat is needed – which can be easily dissolved in water or milk. Saffron is often added into rice for flavor, which also adds a beautiful color to any food dishes. Moreover, this spice  can also be enjoyed with tea. 




Consuming saffron have many benefits. This includes reducing blood pressure levels and stimulate circulation, protect the nervous system from alcohol damage, and more. It is also said that saffron have cancer fighting abilities. 



The Details of Namdar's PERSIAN SAFFRON Export

Types of Saffron

Sargol – Negin – Poushal – Punch

Grades of Saffron

V.I.P Grade – Grade A – Grade B

Type of Packaging:

Special Export Box  – Major Export Box

Number of Crockpot in Special Export Box

50 Packs

Number of Crockpot in Major Export Box

100 Packs

Weight of Saffron in packs

1 GR – 2.3 GRs – 3 GRs – 4.6 GRs


This product is available for order all year round.