Persian peanuts are cultivated from the rich soil of Iran, enticing people with its delicious, nutty flavor. Namdar plants and harvests its peanuts using agricultural specialists, bringing these little nutty surprises our happy customers. Namdar uses its modern agricultural facilities to produce a high quality peanuts, and subsequently exporting them to its global clientele.



Persian peanuts are consumed in many ways, and is famously known to be the main ingredient in popular foods such as peanut butter and desserts, as well as peanut oil. These nuts are also used within the confectionary industry, including the making of cakes, ice-creams, chocolates and more.




These delicious nuts have many health benefits to the human body. Consuming the right amount of peanuts can protect the heart as well as prevent strokes. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and colon cancer. Not only that, consuming peanuts also increased the LDL of the blood. However, people who have skin sensitivity or allergies should consume these nuts with caution. 



The Details of Namdar's PERSIAN PEANUTS Export

Types of Peanuts

With pods – Without pods – Granules

Grades of Peanuts

V.I.P Grade – Grade A – Grade B

Types of Packaging

Special Vacuum Export Box – Major Vacuum Export Box

Weight of Peanuts per Special Vacuum Export Box

5 kg

Weight of Peanuts per Major Vacuum  Export Box

10 kg


This product is available for order all year round.