With its delightful taste, Persian hazelnuts are known to have a hint of sweetness, making every bite enjoyable. These nuts are found in mountainous areas and its peculiar shape and delicious taste definitely makes an impression in a global stance. At Namdar, we rely on the latest types of technologies in planting and harvesting this nut to ensure that our high quality Persian hazelnuts are being exported to our clients all around the world.



Persian hazelnut can be used in many ways. In Iran, the hazelnut is used to extract its oil, as it is very beneficial to the human health. Due to its nourishing values, Persian hazelnuts can also be turned into hazelnut butter, which is often used a nutritious supplement in meals. The delicious hazelnut is a significant element within the confectionery industry as well, making its way to add additional flavors to cakes, ice creams, chocolates and more. 




Hazelnuts are very effective in controlling excitement and anxiety due to the presence of vitamins B, which treats nerve weaknesses. In traditional medicine, the use hazelnut oil is recommended because of vitamins A and C, which strengthens the human skin and hair. Hazelnuts contain a significant amount of magnesium and potassium, and these elements are the largest tonic for the heart and kidneys. The daily use of hazelnuts is recommended to people suffering from MS disease. On the other hand, the excessive consumption of hazelnut may cause nausea.



The Details of Namdar's PERSIAN HAZELNUTS Export