Known for its delectable taste, sweet aroma and different varieties, the Persian Apple has long been popular among fans in numerous parts of the world. Hence, Namdar produces and exports its Persian apples to its clients all around the world, with the help of the best and most skilled agricultural experts.

Persian Kiwifruits

Grown within the Gilan Forests of the North of Iran, the kiwifruit is known for its signature fuzzy peel, green flesh with a creamy white center, and black seeds. This delicious fruit is not only juicy and sweet, it is also a nutrient-densed food and is an essential staple to the Iranian diet.


Not only is the Persian Orange amazingly juicy and delicious, it is also rich in vitamins – definitely tempting everyone to taste it. Here at Namdar, we bring the best variety of oranges from our gardens, using the best water and soil quality and employing the most experienced farmers to produce the best Persian oranges we have to offer.


Famously known for its ruby-like seeds, the Persian pomegranate has a global reputation for being the best pomegranate compared to pomegranates from other countries. In its vast gardens throughout Iran, Namdar has been growing its pomegranates with modern agricultural practices and shipping them to other parts of the world. We use the best packaging and transportation facilities to export our pomegranates, which comes in different grades and sizes.

Persian Seasonal Fruits

The land of Iran is blessed with four seasons, producing delicious seasonal fruits of all kinds. The colors and flavors of these fruits are amazing, and exporting these seasonal fruits definitely shows the world what Iran is all about. Thus, Namdar cultivates and produces these seasonal fruits from our own farms, ensuring that our fruits are filled with excellent flavors when we deliver them to our happy customers.


With its special taste and aromatic skin, the Persian Sour Lemon is an integral part in any fruit basket. This fruit belongs to the citrus family, and is popular due to the its rich vitamin content. Namdar is proud to use its experts and farmers to produce its lemons with exceptional tastes in various sizes for their customers all around the world.

Persian Freeze-Dried (Seasonal) Fruits

The four seasons in Iran definitely limit our chances to taste all the various fruits that Iran has to offer. Luckily enough, Namdar has made it possible for customers to experience these Persian fruits of all seasons through their naturally preserving methods. Namdar uses the fruits produced straight from its gardens, and naturally preserve the seasonal fruits by drying them using traditional as well as High-Tech methods. Therefore, our clients can readily appreciate all the Persian fruits of every season –anytime!

Persian Almonds

Persian winter Almonds originate from the Zagros mountains. These almonds have a very special taste and nutritious properties – making them the world's second most exported nut. With its extensive knowledge in the dried fruit and nuts industry, Namdar grows its sweet and bitter almonds with the assistance of its world-class technology and experienced agricultural engineers.


With its delightful taste, Persian hazelnuts are known to have a hint of sweetness, making every bite enjoyable. These nuts are found in mountainous areas and its peculiar shape and delicious taste definitely makes an impression in a global stance. At Namdar, we rely on the latest types of technologies in planting and harvesting this nut to ensure that our high quality Persian hazelnuts are being exported to our clients all around the world.


Persian peanuts are cultivated from the rich soil of Iran, enticing people with its delicious, nutty flavor. Namdar plants and harvests its peanuts using agricultural specialists, bringing these little nutty surprises our happy customers. Namdar uses its modern agricultural facilities to produce a high quality peanuts, and subsequently exporting them to its global clientele.


Famously known for its delicious and meaty interior, the Persian Pistachios definitely have a well-known reputation in the world. This nut is considered to be the first and most important agricultural export commodity in Iran, making Iran the world's largest supplier of pistachios. Here at Namdar, we have succeeded in producing the best types of pistachios, in which we subsequently export them to all over the world – by use of new innovations of the agriculture industry as well as experienced farmers.


Wrapped in its own hard, brain-looking like exterior, the Persian walnut is considered to be the healthiest nut one can consume. Their delicious taste and many health benefits are the reasons why this nut is fancied by many. Due to its popularity and high demand, Namdar produces high quality Persian walnuts and ship them internationally to its clients.


Persian Saffron is one of the most expensive and luxurious spice available in the market. It is the fundamental ingredient to all Persian dish. This spice is known for its bright red color and phenomenal flavor, invigorating everybody's appetite. Persian Saffron is highly in demand, therefore making Iran is the biggest saffron producer in the world. With the help of our skilled experts, Namdar exports this luxurious product to customers all over the world. Our saffron is 100 per cent organic and they are all handled in a sanitary environment, ensuring the finest quality of our saffron is given to our customers.


Persian dates originate from the tropical palm-grove and tress of Iran. These dates are known to entice everybody with their naturally sweet and special aromas. Due to its high-energy and nutritional contents, they are a definite popular breakfast food in Iran.

Persian Dried Herbs

What is Persian food without its myriad flavours? Just a handful of Persian Herbs are enough to transform a dish into something extraordinary. Fresh Persian Herbs are, no doubt, most sought after for their distinctive flavours, but their dried versions too serve the purpose, adding flavours and aromas when the fresh ones are not readily available. To satisfy the demands for Persian Herbs, Namdar dehydrates its freshly harvested herbs and export them to its international clientele.