Packing & Transportation

Namdar’s Packaging Namdar has succeeded in providing its products in well-packed packagings of different types and sizes, in order to maintain the quality of its products as well as prolong shelf life.

We export our products using modern packaging technology designed by our experienced engineers. In addition to protecting the quality of our products, our packaging is eco-friendly and is not harmful to the environment. We are proud to be one of the firsts to design such packaging for agricultural products, as our goals is to maintain the highest quality of our products as well as preserve a greener environment for future generations.


Transportation of Namdar Products

Besides producing quality products and wrapping them in the most efficient packaging, Namdar ships its products using the fastest and most convenient transportation to its clients.
At Namdar, it is our priority to maintain the quality, taste and flavor of our products when they are shipped. On this basis, we provide the best storage conditions for our products and use modern and up-to-date facilities when we export our export.
For shipping, Namdar transports its products using land, sea or airfreight –depending on the preferences of our clients. We ensure that our exporting and shipping practices are in line with global shipping standards.