About Us


Located within the heart of Iran –Tehran, ‘Anush Tejarat Namdar’ (Namdar) was established in year 2014 with the sole purpose of creating a strong export line of quality, sought-after Iranian agro-products, including fresh fruits, freeze-dried vegetables as well as naturally-preserved fruits and nuts.

Considering the background and experiences of the company's board of directors in agricultural affairs, the main agenda of the board was to introduce these products to the global market. Namdar has succeeded in turning this old-school industry into a modern business, using the most efficient agro-technology and trained experts in planting, harvesting, packaging and shipping –providing the freshest products and best services to its customers across the globe.

Here at Namdar, we want people to have a taste of ‘the sweet nectar’ from the ‘Goddesses’ in this four-seasoned country. Therefore, we make it possible for people all around the world to gain access to Iranian agricultural products. We are confident that you will experience the true taste of Iran through our products.


To become the global leader in exporting Iranian agricultural products


To introduce our self-produced Iranian products to international markets